Dec 26, 2008


Well, with Christmas behind us and halfway through Hanukkah it seems as if we are coming back down to reality. We hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Christmas. Chris and I had a truly delightful "orphan" holiday with some friends. We saw a good, but far too depressing movie for Christmas, at The Broadway (Slumdog Millionaire). Then we ate Chinese at the Golden Dragon - has anyone been there before? Have you noticed the karaoke set up? I'm so curious when they break it out because I want to be there when they do. And then we drank whiskey and PBR in the snowstorm. It was incredible. Hope yours was just as delightful.

Remember that we've got an incredible Local Night lined up for you on Monday at 7pm. The Black Hens will be playing and if you haven't heard or seen these guys yet you will want to come out. They are not just fun but full of great songs that are so well written. They are the full package. And as usual, our shows are free, all-ages, and a great way to experience the awesome local music we have here in SLC.

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