Dec 19, 2008


For those of you who have picked up and read our Best of 2008 booklet you will have noticed that Jamie Gadette, Music Editor at City Weekly, contributed her own list for our purposes. Now she and Ryan Bradford are slowly adding favorite songs and other music highlights to the City Weekly blog at Check it out and add to the conversation with your comments. Talking about music and songs and albums is way more fun than just letting Pandora pick 'em out for you...I promise!

And while we are talking about weeklies, I should mention that we were featured in In This Week. Check us out by clicking here.

OH! And speaking of our Best of 2008 booklets - you better hussle in here and pick yours up! We printed 500 this year and they are going so fast it is mind-blowing. We hand 'em out for free so we won't be printing anymore, so be sure to get yours before they are gone!


Vanessa said...

DUDES! I didn't know about the IN article. Congrats!

ryan f said...

thanks for the tolchock props, guys! you guys rule

Anna said...

No! Tolchock rules!!!