Dec 29, 2008


It is Local Night tonight! And we're pleading with you all to come in with cash to buy a Black Hens and/or David Williams CD. Not only will you love it, but so will your family and friends - so buy lots of them. Your purchases will help fund David's new solo record that was recently recorded with one of our favorite Musicians/producers/etc, Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western, and all things HUSH Records). We've heard his new album and it is beautiful - but records cost money and David needs yours. So buy something of his tonight. Hell, buy 2 or 3 somethings of his tonight! It'll be worth it in the end...SHOW STARTS AT 7PM

1 comment:

Dainon. said...

Great reason to get on a Monday night, that was. I'm definitely looking forward to what comes next. Thanks for giving us a reason to play at the beginning of the week, eh?