Dec 23, 2008


So I know here in Utah we are used to the snow and probably more excited about it than anything, but our good friends up in the Pacific Northwest are not so used to the sort of dumping they have been receiving. Luckily for us, that means they all stay inside and make new music! Out of this crazy storm the cover band Snow Wons has been born - it consists of two of our favorite musicians: Shelley Short and Alexis Gideon. Check them out here: - then add them as a friend and request some songs for them to cover. Our pick was Ghostbusters!!

meet Shelley:

meet Alexis:


Jamie said...

Holy moley this is amazing. I didn't realize I knew all the words to the Ducktales theme song. The question is, when will they cover "A Milli?"

Anna said...

"A Milli"? Am I crazy that I don't know what that is? I'm sure if you ask they'll do it. As long as it stays snowy up in Portland I think their talents are at our disposal!