Jan 16, 2009


Looks like lovers of Andrew Bird and LPs are going to have to practice patience with his new record. The vinyl version has been delayed to February 3. But his deluxe, physical only piece should be enough to hold you over. That comes out, with the standard CD version, this coming Tuesday, January 20. This deluxe edition will contain two cds, the new album Nobel Beast plus Useless Creatures, a new collection of instrumental works. It comes in a beautiful custom package with extra photos, a fold out poster, and a 24 page booklet of lyrics and illustratons by Diana Sudyka. This limited edition double disc set will be made available only physically.

AND we still have tickets for his show at The Murray Theatre on February 25. Buy them now, I want no complaints when you show up at Slowtrain the day of the show and it is sold out...

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Dainon. said...

Put one on hold for me, if you please. The big fattie CD deluxe version, yes.