Jan 5, 2009


Thanks to City Weekly's Jamie Gadette for directing me to this fascinating article/interview with Andrew Bird. He is one of my favorite musicians, yet, there is so much I didn't know about him. I suggest you read it - even though it is a bit long, it is worth it. Click here to read.

My favorite part being this incredible statement: "He never records melodies or even writes them down. He assumes that if they’re worth remembering, he’ll remember them."

And remember, we still have Andrew Bird tickets for sale. He's performing at the Murray Theatre on February 25. Tickets are $21, cash only, and will sell out.


Lauralee said...

Okay I only have Armchair Apocrypha I want to buy another album this week. Which one do you recommend?

Anna said...

Oh you MUST get The Mysterious Production of Eggs. It is one of my all time favorites.