Jan 10, 2009


There is a full page ad in the new City Weekly outlining their new City Weekly Music Awards. It sounds pretty fantastic, and is sure to be bumpy since it is their first year, but I hope all of you will join me in supporting this event and the direction CW is trying to take it. This is essentially a remodeled version of the SLAMMY's from years past - but I think the new changes are huge steps in the right direction.

From the ad itself, here is a breakdown of the process:

Artists were selected by an advisory committee made up by supporters of the local scene including record label owners, promoters, members of the media, club owners, producers, engineers, and other figures who are deeply invested in Utah music. (full disclosure: Chris and I were on the panel)

Each committee member selected around 25-30 artists which were then tallied and entered into a database to determine the top 30, cumulatively.

These artists were chosen not just based on talent, but on how active they are in getting their music out and also participating in the community this year.

Now it's your turn to participate! From Friday, January 30 - February 7 the top 30 bands will play all over town giving you the opportunity to hear them and add to their score by voting for your favorites.

The top 3 bands will then play the closing party Friday, February 13 at The Depot (a private club for members).

I have heard rumor of some really cool shit going down at the closing party where the top 3 bands will play. And this seems like a totally legit way to highlight some of Utah's best local music. I know Portland's Willamette Weekly runs a similar program to select their Best New Bands each year. So let's all throw our support behind City Weekly. We know it won't be perfect, but they are doing a great thing and deserve our participation and enthusiasm!

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sharpskies said...

hell yes! be sure to check out the CWMA 2009 showcase on 7 February at Club Vegas! Cave of Roses, God's Revolver, Blackhole.