Jan 26, 2009


Maybe you know someone who has some freshly stolen music instruments? It is possible right? We all have some sleezeballs in our life. And just in case your sleezeballs have a new guitar and violin in hand, you should check out this post from Loom via myspace.

This hand made, one of a kind telecaster guitar and professional Yamaha electric violin were stolen out of my car near sugar house in Salt Lake City 24 hours ago and I am wanting to pay $500 to the person who did it (or to anyone that leads me to the recovery of these items) to get them back safe and sound. I am not interested in justice, all I want are these irreplaceable instruments back. Please get this information out there to all your friends, especially if you know anyone that's ever been involved in this kind of thing. I understand its a way of life for some people but this is a tragedy beyond words and must be returned. If anyone knows anything or you're the person who did it please call Mike 801-722-5865. Just say you're the friend of someone who did it and you got the items back for me and the $500 is yours. Guaranteed you'll get more money from me then if you try and pawn it. If enough people spread the word about this I think there's a great chance we can get these instruments back. Please tell everyone! THANKSSSSSS

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