Jan 22, 2009


So last night we attended our first Music @ Main - a monthly local show put on at the Main Library in downtown. Normally we can't attend because we're working at the store, but we recently shook up our schedule (thanks to Ryan) and now get some evenings off to behave like normal human beings. But I digress, I'm writing simply to say the Music @ Main series is pretty awesome based on our single experience. It sure helped that it was The Black Hens playing - but the intimate and quieter setting, the questions and dialogue in between songs, the opportunity to sit, and the view out the fourth floor window all helped make it a unique and enjoyable evening. I am really looking forward to seeing more of these.


Dainon. said...

Keep us posted on future shows, eh? Who's next? You know?

Can I ask things that do NOT end in question marks?

Anna said...

Fair enough, although I don't have all the info. The next one is mid-Feb (maybe the 18th) with La Farsa. Shows start at 7pm and are all ages and free. I'm not sure beyond that who, what, when, etc. But I believe the Library should have updates on their site - and flyers are usually dropped off at Slowtrain the month of the show.