Jan 8, 2009


Okay, so myspace says that the 50 piece band has been downgraded to a 20 piece. Still impressive. Let's hang out Sunday, okay? See you at Urban at 9pm.

From myspace:
Sunday January 11 @ Urban Lounge
Gods Revolver

Will Sartain + 20 piece Band (Dan Thomas, Charlie Lewis, Jesse Ellis, Ben Kilbourne, Oliver Lewis, Ryan Fedor, Brinton Jones, Trever Hadley, Glade Sowards, David Williams, Pat Buie, Adam Blair, Dave Fetzer, Mike Sartain, + more...)

Glinting Gems

9 PM.


Jeff G said...

I would love to join you guys for a true musical experience on sunday....if I was in fact twenty one ha ha. Oh well only four more years to go.

Anna said...

awww...bummer. maybe if it goes well we can convince Will to play an all-ages version at Kilby - or better yet, one of our Local Nights!

Dainon. said...

Is this thing gonna start on time? I guess you might not know that ... but, then again, you might. It's a "school night" and all, so I'd love it to actually start at 9.

Anna said...

I think they usually start at 9pm - although I doubt the 20 piece act will be first. My guess is they will start closer to 10ish...We'll probably get there between 9 and 10.