Jan 17, 2009


There are so many lovely bands that are far too unheard of, and today I hope to introduce some of you to Phosphorescent (click here for his myspace). Chris and I have been fans of his for years. I really love everything he does - he sounds a bit like Will Oldham at times, but they are certainly different.

So anyways, the reason I bring him up today is because Phosphorescent has a new record coming out on February 3rd. And as I sit here putting together my order I thought I'd give the advance copy of his record a listen. And I can't stop smiling. It is incredible.

Here is what the label says about this record:
PHOSPHORESCENT pays a loving tribute to WILLIE NELSON with a soulful and heartfelt set of tunes that have been dusted off and made bright and beautiful again.

I'm not a huge Willie Nelson fan. I don't dislike him, I quite enjoy him, but I never listen to him unprompted or own anything of his in my personal collection. But let me tell you that Phosphorescent does right by Willie on this new album. I think I'll keep this one in the CD player all day. Please be sure to check it out on February 3rd when it comes out. You won't regret it.

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