Jan 8, 2009


I feel like I'm on rumor patrol 2009. So I may as well post the latest goodies for you to look forward to in upcoming months. Stay tuned for full details, etc.

1. The Andrew Bird record on 1/20/09, will have a PHYSICAL ONLY (god, I love him more now) deluxe edition of his new record Noble Beast with a full second disc of beautiful goodness. This is only available at RECORD STORES (specifically buy it at Slowtrain (please!)). You can't get this bonus music on your computer - and if you do (which some of you, or your friends, will do anyways) it will be in low, low crappy quality (as if any downloads are "good"). So save up a few extra bucks to buy the deluxe edition. You won't regret it. (Tickets still at Slowtrain for $21 cash - THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT. Buy 'em now!)

2. Blind Pilot at Urban sometime in March. Yay! If you don't listen to KRCL or regularly pick our brains for new music you may not know if this band, but you should. Check 'em out! www.myspace.com/goblindpilot

3. Laura Gibson will be playing in SLC about the same time as Blind Pilot. You don't want to miss her. She is one of our favorites and for good reason. Her new record is out on CD and LP in February and is highly anticipated. She is an NPR favorite...among others. Check her out too! www.myspace.com/lauragibson

You can thank me later for the advice :)

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