Jan 28, 2009


Shake It Records is a Cincinnati Record Store institution. Today I read some wise words from owner, Darren Blase. We'll be meeting Darren at a (nerdy) Record Store Convention in Nashville next month and I can't wait to pick his brain. Here is his take on record stores in the community:

"That's what our stores are, intricate little parts of our communities like King; not where people just buy music but where folks gather to talk about current happenings and share opinions, post community events on the board, giving space to a local band, asking if there are any apartments for rent in the 'hood, bringing leftovers from a birthday party, getting engaged at the shop (like 2 regulars did just the other night), and who knows what else?"

He continues, "All the little things that add up to community that aren't found at a T#$%et, B&st B*y, or W@lm@rt. Honestly that's all we got at the end of the day -- but it's the most important thing we got, our communities. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be trying to preserve it 50 years later."

So true...I hope we all keep this in mind and take advantage of the great community building small businesses we have in SLC...


Paul said...

Yeah yeah yeah.

I found out we were having our kid at Slowtrain.

Add that to getting recommended great music by two of the nicest, coolest music lovers around.

(Finally got my Slowtrain shirt today)

Anna said...

Awww, Paul, he'll always be so special to us because of that too! We got to see his big cheeks just the other day. Amazing!

Vanessa said...

So true. The first week I moved here I came to Slowtrain and knew it was a great little place that added a lot to the SLC community. I'm so happy to be apart of it!