Feb 18, 2009


I'm pretty sure La Blogotheque used to also be in English...but I can't seem to find the alternate site so instead of throwing a fit or not watching their amazing productions, I'll be a good American and think back to French 101 to work my way through the site. Truth is, it really isn't that hard. Turns out band names are the same in English as they are in French. Wild, right!?!

So for those of you who don't know. La Blogotheque creates some of the most amazing live music videos for some of the best bands you've never seen/ever heard. Some of my favorite in the series of Blogotheque videos come from Beirut - Click here to take a peek. (hint: watch 64.1 and keep an eye out for special guest appearances) And then poke around a bit more for endless hours of entertainment.

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