Feb 17, 2009


And I suppose you could also thank Allsongs Considered too...because they, starting today, are streaming the new Laura Gibson album, Beasts of Seasons, in its entirety on their website. Click here to stream the beautiful record.

And once you have fallen in love with each song you can come to Slowtrain and pre-order the album on CD or LP (the vinyl version is extremely limited and comes in a hand screened package with 180 gram LP and a digital download with amazing bonus tracks) for only $10.99!! This is a super sale price and will be going up once the record is out on February 24. PLUS when you pre-order the album at this insanely affordable price you also get 1 free ticket to see her play live at Urban Lounge (21+) on March 9 with Blind Pilot.

Aaaaaaand, don't forget Laura will be playing a stripped down and incredibly intimate all-ages set at Slowtrain at 7pm before her show at Urban Lounge on March 9. This is a free show for everyone and will be a bit different from her show later that night.

Whew! Needless to say, we are a little Laura crazy around here. But go stream that record from NPR and you'll know why.


Lauralee said...

The vinyl is $10.99 as well? If so that's a great deal. Either way, I'll have to try and make it down to Slowtrain sometime this week (yet another downside to not living in SLC)

Anna said...

YES! CD and LP are BOTH only $10.99. Such an amazing deal if I don't say so myself.