Mar 17, 2009


Still confused about Bonnie Prince Billy's "ULTRALOAD" format? You're not alone. Let us explain it a bit further...and then save you a few bucks while you make the most out of your music investment - because we all know physical is better than digital, right?

Here's what you get with the limited ULTRALOAD edition: A digital download code for Beware and a 10" EP (entitled Chijimi) containing four all-new (non-Beware) songs, packaged in a 10" sleeve featuring the album artwork. (To clarify: The ULTRALOAD edition does not include a physical copy of Beware in any form -- it's a digital download code, packaged with the four-song Chijimi 10" EP.)

What's that? You want a physical copy and NOT just a download? We don't blame you - our stance is a physical copy of a full album is always better than just a download. But that would cost you $33 or $34 to buy both!! Let Slowtrain lend you a hand and encourage you to own full albums in CD/LP form and not just an MP3...If you buy both the ULTRLOAD and a CD or LP version of Beware we'll only charge you $28.99. It isn't a huge savings, but every bit helps (and shit, that Ultraload is expensive for us too!). This offer is only good when you buy both formats at the same time. So shop wisely.

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