Mar 23, 2009


Per the request of a couple really insistent regulars, we've now created a *really small* sorta-electronic section in the store. The complaint was this: sure, Slowtrain has electronic music, but unless you know exactly what band you're looking for you won't find it. And apparently some of those customers want to know just what they are getting into, and maybe take an electronic risk. Our issue being sometimes the electronic music we carry should be mixed in with the rest for consistency, but we get the point.

What we've decided to do is dedicate a little row in the shop for our current electronic-ish picks. We'll rotate the titles in and out every few weeks so that everyone is satisfied. For our sake, they'll eventually make it back to the mainland of the store (unless bought first, of course) and for electro-fans, well, browse away and take some risks and let us do the digging for you.

Hope everyone's happy with it!

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