Mar 12, 2009


Record Store Day 2009 will offically be the kick-off to Slowtrain's new Get Un-Chained program. Beginning April 18, 2009 and lasting year-round, Slowtrain will be accepting your chain-store gift cards as if they were our own. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. We will trade you a happy Slowtrain Gift Certificate for one of the crappy ones you got for whatever occasion from some unknowing, but well-meaning, relative or friend. One of our awesome gift certificates will be issued for an amount equal to the current value of the competitor's gift card, upon verification.

Just bring your unwanted gift card to the front counter before you start shopping, and we'll have a Slowtrain gift certificate (or store credit) waiting for you when you're ready to check out. Un-Chain yourself from corporate America and support lil' old local Slowtrain. We can't make it much easier.

And for regular RSD updates and Slowtrain-specific info, keep an eye out on our website. We've created our own Record Store Day page to keep you in the loop!

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