Mar 10, 2009


Hey friends, yesterday wiped me out. The in-store with Laura Gibson was incredible - thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed that great show. Then the late night at Urban was just lovely. But I'm now in dire need of a nap and our standard Tuesday new release email is now looking more like a Wednesday-look-what-came-out-yesterday-email.

BUT, for you loyal blog reader, I will strain the last few brain cells that are awake and let you know some of our favorite new releases today so you can still come by and get some great music. Here it goes:

Elvis Perkins (this album rules!)
Mirah (this album also rules!)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Hot Boyz!)
Joshua James tour EP (only place other than his tour to get it!)
Handsome Furs
Brother Ali
Bishop Allen
Mt St Helens

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