Mar 23, 2009


I'll keep it short and sweet. Mostly because I am totally wiped out from a long weekend of moving and painting and lots of trial and error. But all in all it is done. Chris and I (with the help of Taylor -thanks dude!) managed to give Slowtrain a new look over the past two days. Kinks will need to be worked out, and our walls are looking a little bare at the moment - but overall we think it is a vast improvement. In-stores will be incredible! Browsing will be a breeze! Listening will be less awkward! Please stop by and check out the fruits of our labor. And let us know what you think...but only if you like it...haha!


Kevin said...

Anna I stopped by last night very nice work it looks spiffy. K

Anna said...

Yay! Thanks so much!!

Vanessa said...

If the store were a person I would kiss it on the lips. Just sayin' looks reaaaaaal good.