Mar 26, 2009


We expect that many of you will be spending a decent chunk of your Friday paycheck with us on Record Store Day - and we want to help ease that blow to your wallet by offering 15% off your entire purchase. There is one catch, to get the 15% discount you must bring in a non-perishable food item to donate to the Utah Food Bank. Not a bad deal, right? You save some cash while doing something good for your neighbor. Bring your food item to Slowtrain on Record Store Day - check it in at our donation bin and get your 15% off ticket.

But that ain't all!! Bring in lots of canned food and get lots of tickets. Why? Because the tickets will also enter you in a drawing for a brand new Turntable from Slowtrain!! PLUS we're also raffling off a Slowtrain CD of the Month Club membership - the membership will get you 1 free CD a month from Slowtrain, for 12 months! Awesome, right?!?! Our gift to you for helping out the community and shopping locally. So start gathering food and bring it down to Slowtrain on Record Store Day!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

CD of the Month Club? Pretty much the coolest/best idea to ever exist.