Mar 13, 2009


I won't lie, Chris and I have often wondered about the appeal of "vinyl toys" ala K1d R0b0t, etc. We just didn't get it, until we were shipped 8 boxes of toys for the shop and we started opening 'em up. They're collectible!? And fun!? And hilarious!? Holy shit I sort of love them and want to keep them all to myself, but lucky for you I'm not going to do that. So starting, well, NOW, Slowtrain has some super-rad toys at the shop for $8 and less. Get to it!

AND as an added bonus!! We've also got in a few of the new Buddha 2.0 Machines. We've got 'em in grey, burgundy, and brown...

Not a bad day for "stuff" at Slowtrain!!

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Jeff said...

I love kid robot! I bought an entire case of the critter splitter toys by Jesse ledoux. Check them out.