Mar 6, 2009


On Tuesday, March 17, Bonnie Prince Billy will release yet another (sure to be classic) album called Beware. It will be on CD, LP, and a "new" format being introduced by Drag City called the Ultraload. WTF, right?

We're not sure what to make of this Ultraload - so hit us up with some feedback. Drag City is being very hush hush about what exactly the Ultraload is.

THE FACTS: Ultraload comes in a 10" packaging with a 10" version of the album art and insert. There will also be a download of the full album, Beware, included in the Ultraload.

THE RUMOR: The Ultraload supposedly will come with a bonus 10" LP with four additional non-album tracks.

Not bad right?

THE SUMMARY: You get Beware digitally and a bonus 10" with four extra songs. If you want the album, Beware, on CD or LP and not just a download, you'll have to purchase that separately.

Here is our trouble. To get the bonus 10" with bonus tracks, you'll have to buy the Ultraload, and the retail price is about $20, we'll probably sell it for $18 or $19. But if you want the full album in a physical format (CD or LP, which we obviously encourage) - then you'll have to spend an additional $12 or $14 bucks.

Is it worth it? If we sell you the Ultraload for much cheaper would you be willing to also pay for the CD or LP version of the album? Let's talk about it, because we're really not sure how to order these and we need your input. Pass this along, ask your friends, and give us feedback.



Anonymous said...

I think Drag City is trying to get record stores involved with selling music digitally by giving them a physical product to sell. Thankfully for them it is by one of the label's top selling acts so the probability of these not selling is low—and that is a factor with their policy of not allowing returns on vinyl.

I don't see this as any different than a Walmart, Best Buy or Target exclusive except that the label is getting it into the stores that have always sold and supported their groups.

That said I wonder why Drag City doesn't include links to digital downloads with their new vinyl releases.

Anna said...

Well, I think you are half right...but this is entirely different from a Walmart exclusive. That is apples to oranges. My biggest issue with the format is that the Ultraload only offers the full album digitally (as far as we know). So if a fan wants the BPB album in a non-digital format, they have to shell out another $14 to get it. Almost feels like Drag City is (unintentionally) punishing fans for wanting the bonus 10" plus the full record in a physical form.

That is, if the rumors are true about what is actually in the Ultraload...

tim said...

my $20 ultraload did not contain a digital download code for beware.