Apr 22, 2009


Tonight is the night I have been looking forward to for mooooooonths. Black Lips are playing at Urban Lounge! Flowers Forever and a personal local favorite, Furs, will be playing as well. I've been blabbing (obnoxiously, I'm sure) to everyone about this show for quite some time now, which might be why we are sold out of tickets. If you don't have a ticket yet, don't fret- I've been informed that the show is not sold out yet. Show up early enough (I'm talking a little bit after doors open at 9 pm, NOT at 11:30 pm) and you should be able to pay a cover ($14) and get yourself inside for a sure to be an amazingly wild and ridiculous set.

I have a feeling if you miss this show, you might just hate yourself for the rest of the summer...

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