Apr 10, 2009


What are you going to be doing this fine Friday evening at 7 pm? I'll tell you what you'll be doing- coming down to Slowtrain to catch an energetic, and sure to be amazing, in-store performance from Japanther and Ninjasonik. It's all-ages and it's FREE.

Curious as to what Japanther sounds like? Here's a little description for ya:

Japanther’s music is, all at the same time, poignant, intense, danceable and fun. While they often refer to themselves as "more of an art project than a band" Japanther gets points for making some of the most memorable, hummable and fun music of any art project in recent memory. Japanther is part Screamers intensity, part Misfits anthemery, part RZA samples/beats and part Lightning Bolt art/freakshow.

Um, that pretty much sold me. Not to mention I've heard countless good things about their music and live shows from friends. So, round up your posse and get down to Slowtrain by 7 pm. Did I mention it's a FREE show?!?!

***If you can't make it to the in-store, be sure to stop by the Woodshed tonight to see them perform with Vile Blue Shades. It's not a free show, but sure to be just as awesome.

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