Apr 23, 2009



Let's all go to Urban Lounge (21+) tonight and bask in the glory that is Portland music by watching the all-amazing Thermals play. Daaaamn, we are so excited for this show. It is going to rule, we just know it.

And for ya youngin's that can't make it to the Urban show...get yer asses to Kilby Court and have your hearts stolen and minds blown by the greatness that is, WYE OAK. Love those dudes so much and I would see them but I've never seen the Thermals before so that wins. Okay? Okay.

Everyone got your alarms set in your phones so you don't forget? 1, 2, 3, GO!


Dainon. said...

My bet is that, should you play your cards right, you can easily see both of these.

Anna said...

i DID do both! well, sorta. we caught 2 songs of Wye Oak before heading to Urban to catch 2 songs from our friends in Point Juncture WA. all in all it was a great night for music.