Apr 11, 2009


We are exactly 1 week out from the 2nd annual Record Store Day and our office is piled high with boxes of glorious exclusive releases and loads of lil' freebies.

So over the course of the next week, we'll have blog posts focus on some of the individual highlights of Record Store Day so you are sure not to miss a thing. Pay attention - check back regularly - and most importantly, TAKE SATURDAY OFF SO YOU CAN COME HANG OUT WITH US!! As Brinton Jones of The Devil Whale once said "When Slowtrain throws a party, I know to plan to spend my whole day there. Because you do it right."

Today we'll talk about our canned food drive in support of the Utah Food Bank.

Here is the deal - we want you to bring a shit-ton of non-perishable food items to Slowtrain on Record Store Day. Why? Because we love this community and want to give back. The Utah Food Bank is in heavy need of food donations and we (with your help) want to support them.

So to convince you to bring us lots of food items, we are offering you super cool shit in exchange for your canned food. One of your canned food items will get you a ticket for 15% off of your Slowtrain purchase.

Each additional food item can be redeemed for a raffle ticket. You just throw your name and phone number on the back of the ticket, toss it in our raffle jar, and hope you win! We'll do drawings between each band - and really whenever we feel like it.

Raffle prizes include, but are not limited to...
*a USB turntable
*tickets to see the Thermals at Urban Lounge on 4/23 (21+)
*1 free CD a month for one year from Slowtrain
*gift certificates from Especially for You flower shop and Ken Sanders Rare Books
*limited edition releases
*Slowtrain gift certificates

See what we mean...you're going to want to bring a lot of food down here. So get collecting and bring some good stuff - this goes to a great cause.

Remember - Record Store Day is Saturday, April 18 from 11am to 9pm. Tell 10 of your friends - it'll be worth it. I can assure you, we know how to throw a party...

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