Apr 13, 2009


As part of our Public Service Announcement series about Record Store Day...haha...I'd like to talk about Signed & Numbered's involvement. Print artist Chuck Keppler is curating this event alongside S&N's owner, Leia Bell. Here is the skinny from Chuck's website:

Independent Record Store Day print show
Just a quick announcement for a new show I'm curating with Leia Bell to help celebrate Independent Record Store Day. We got about 35 artists from around the country to produce a print based on a song lyric that means something to them. The prints will be exhibited in three cities, Charleston (at 52.5 records), Salt Lake City (at Signed & Numbered gallery) and Oklahoma City (at Size Records) on April 18th (the show at Signed & Numbered opens on the 17th), and are for sale at each gallery.

Some of the contributing artists include:
Leia Bell
Chuck Keppler
Andy Chase
Trent Call
Marina Atherton

Don't miss out...

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