Apr 15, 2009


Okay, friends- it's officially three (THREE!!!) days until Record Store Day. So, if you haven't made plans or rearranged your schedule to be at Slowtrain this Saturday, get on it!

If I had to choose the main reason behind my excitment for this Saturday, I would definitely have to say that the AWESOME live music lineup does it for me. I mean, not to brag, but have you heard about all the great local artists playing?!?! Don't worry if you haven't because I'm catching you up right now. Here's my rundown on the local music makers I'm most excited to see:

Tolchock Trio:
What can I say? They put on a really great live show. You (nor I) will be disappointed by their set. Don't be surprised if you catch me watching their set with a big, creepy grin on my face.

Calico was one of the first local bands I experienced in SLC. The local music scene was new to me and Calico made me really excited about the music I'd discover in Utah. They've been on hiatus since a member left for school in NY, so make sure to check them out because who knows when you'll get to see them again!

Eagle Twin:
I'm not a particularly huge fan of dark-drone-doom-sludge-metal, but I saw Eagle Twin perform at Burt's a few weeks back and I duuuuuuug it. After their first song, I went to the bar, grabbed some napkins, made myself some earplugs, then sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the show. So, come prepared! Bring earplugs and get ready for an energetic live set.

Click here to view the full line-up for the day.

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