Apr 24, 2009


Please, allow me to plan your weekend so you don't have to...


You got plans tonight? Well, you do now. If you are 21+ head your dying-to-be-entertained self down to the Woodshed at 800 S and State St. Bring $5 in hand to pay the bands and be prepared to have an amazing time. Portlanders, Alexis Gideon (click that link and watch Brimstone Blaine) and Shelley Short will be the icing on the northwest cake (still imagining last nights Thermals' show as the actual cake). I'll let Jamie Gadette's write up from City Weekly summarize what you're really in for - she's the professional after all:

"Shelley Short is no ice queen but, man, is her voice chilling-sweet and unnerving, it skates across pleasant, slightly psychedelic folk and country melodies like a mischievous china doll or a wood nymph wreaking havoc in the haunted forest of your wildest dreams. Short spent the first leg of her career traversing the country. Listening to her music, specifically Water for the Day (2008), one gets the sense that though currently settled in Portland, Ore., she'll never stop exploring. Her curious nature makes for wonderfully imaginative lyrics often enhanced by strange, almost Alice in Wonderland-type logic ("Makes me a little deep suspicious/ when a stranger does my dishes/ makes me wonder/ makes me wonder why I'm not a fisherman."). Short is currently touring in support of the new A Cave, A Canoo. She arrives in town tonight with current partner in love and music, Alexis Gideon whose own projects contain many of the same fanciful elements that enhance Short's sound but with decidedly different results. A cross-dressing rapper in another lifetime, Gideon plays a mean guitar in several bands, but his heart belongs to Video Musics-an animated/ claymated video opera of epic proportions. That's right, epic. The end product comes out October 2009 on Sick Room Records, but you can preview it tonight. Tonight! The Woodshed, 60 E. 800 South, 9 p.m." (Jamie Gadette, City Weekly)


What are you doing this Sunday night? C'mon, you can watch The Amazing Race online any night the rest of the week. This Sunday belongs to local music - specifically - David Williams. This will be a unique night of music as David plays alongside local favorites like Jay Henderson from Band of Annuals and Brinton Jones from the Devil Whale. It is a cocktail party to be filled with little black dresses, swanky retro ties, beer, wine, and music *sigh* beautiful music.

Tickets are $20 at Slowtrain and include 2 amazing CDs in that price!! You can't go wrong! Show is at the Loft (State St above Decades) and starts early at 6pm - so as not to mess up your Monday morning. Don't miss this great opportunity to support local music. If you're having doubts about going email me (anna@slowtrainmusic.com) and I'll convince you otherwise. I'm sure of it.

Okay - no excuses - I want to see all of your faces at least once this weekend. And then I'll see you all next week as you thank me for such an incredible weekend! Seriously...let's dooooo this!


Vanessa said...

Too bad I have to work every night. I think I might be able to catch the end of each show though.

Anna said...

BUST! I'll try and delay Alexis and Shelley for you as long as I can...