May 29, 2009


Yo blog readers! Please accept our most sincere apologies for the severe lackage in blogs lately. When V & R ran out of town to party like rock-stars at Sasquatch we got a little crazy getting our hands dirty at the store and everyone knows you can't write blogs with dirty hands.

But they are back and hands are clean and here I am typing away with nothing to say except, sorry we haven't said much lately.

OH! I do have cool news. We have some crazy super limited and totally beautiful Ether: Music For Air Raids LPs straight from France. These are hand numbered in a series of only 250!! AND, as if that isn't enough reason to RUN down here and buy one, they are only $14. Amazing right? This, this here, is why you love us - and essentially why we love local music. Come on down and get your Ether on. You'll regret it when these are gone...

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