May 1, 2009


We've been keeping a big secret from you...and now it is time to unveil our very own download store:!!

I mean, nothing beats holding a CD in hand or pulling the needle over an LP - but chances are you probably download here and there already. Like when you want something fast or just one track or aren't around Slowtrain...So now we are offering you the chance to keep on with your "here and there" downloading - GUILT FREE - that's right! Using the included link you'll be supporting Slowtrain each time you download.

And these aren't some shitty bad-apple downloads that sound terrible and only play on one machine...Here's what we're talking about:

-320KB Files (that's right, bigger and better than iTunes or Amazon!)
-Non DRM (digital rights management) MP3 files: Works with any player
-Exclusive content as well as a deep catalog

Wanna get in on it? Just click here - or bookmark this site:
- set up your account, and get to it.

And honestly - let's be open and frank here since we're all friends - we can't stress enough the value and importance in owning music physically. Obviously we, at Slowtrain, feel passionately about the quality and significance of having a physical piece of music in your hands to add to a collection. Music is art, and should be treated as such - but we are realistic and know that downloads are here and a quick and easy substitute in a bind. So while we hope our online download store won't be a permanent replacement to your regular Slowtrain visits (where we think the real magic is) - we do want to give you the option to support our local business while doing your dirty download deeds...only now, it is slightly less dirty. Happy downloading...

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