May 19, 2009


Did you know you can get the new Sonic Youth album The Eternal - NOW! You've forgotten already haven't you? Yes, we understand. The Buy Early Get Now deals are super-fantastic, but not always light on the details. Here it is again for ya!

Sooo, the new Sonic Youth album, "The Eternal," is available now, kind of. Buy that jam early, get your freak on now. Matador have given us (i.e. indie record stores) a month's exclusive on taking pre-orders before they're available on their website. What this means is that in addition to having access to a stream of the album before its physical release, if you pre-order through Slowtrain, you will receive a VERY LIMITED VINYL LIVE LP, culled from Sonic Youth's July 4, 2008 show in Battery Park, which will contain an exclusive poster. Additional MP3s will be delivered via the BEGN site before or after the album's physical release date (June 9). So come in now to reserve your copy of the new Sonic Youth and reserve your exclusive live LP...

To re-cap:
* Pre-Order the CD ($29.99) or 2LP ($49.99) from Slowtrain and receive a SY voucher w/ download information
* stream the album plus bonus MP3s now
* download additional bonus MP3 on June 2nd
* pick up The Eternal, bonus live LP, and bonus poster on June 9th.

This is the only way to get the bonus live LP and poster!!!!

Speaking of awesome free Sonic Youthy goodness, you can download a free SY track from a fancy pants new digital download store. Click here for the free song, 'Sacred Trickster.'

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