May 12, 2009


Hey hey! I love this time of year sooo much. I know that as soon as the Living Traditions Festival hits Library Square it is nothing but sunshine and bike rides for the next few months. Amen!

And every year we try and convince you, our friends, to head out to enjoy the LTF with us and this year, instead of talking about the crazily worldly food - or the eclectic music - or the beer tents, we're going to tug at your heart strings a bit. People, including us, tend to forget that the Living Traditions Festival is an opportunity for our community to welcome refugees and support them as part of our community. Many of the festival's participants have had to overcome incredible obstacles in life, and for all of us to be a part of their new beginnings is a wonderful thing.

The Salt Lake Arts Council really goes above and beyond to reach out and welcome them while creating a fun and lively event for the rest of us. So bring your appetite and get downtown this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the fun!


Friday-Festival Hours 5pm-10pm
Saturday-Festival Hours 12:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday-Festival Hours 12:00pm-7:00pm

Emmanuel Makonga
Salt Lake City
Friday Canopy E & Sunday Canopy A
Emmanuel Makonga is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and one of the many African refugees who have resettled in Utah because of political unrest at home. Emmanuel practices a number of traditional arts from textile work to sculpting and is best known for his work in cartoons and comics, an ethnic artform that reflects contemporary African life and culture. Unfortunately, his cartoons created controversy that ultimately forced him to leave his home country. Emanuel is also an accomplished painter and his watercolors were recently featured at the Art Access gallery in Salt Lake City.

Karen Community of Utah (New In 2009)
Dances of Burma
Sunday, May 17, 1:15-1:45 pm
South Stage
The Karen people come from the Southeast Asian country of Burma. Fleeing persecution in their homeland, these refugees have been in Utah for just a year and have organized classes that teach their traditions and perpetuate their heritage through folk dance.

SPECIAL GUEST Performing Artists

The Pine Leaf Boys
Friday, May 15
8:30 pm, North Stage

The Rebirth Brass Band
Saturday, May 16
7:00 pm, North Stage

Saturday, May 16
8:30 pm, North Stage

Mike Seeger
Sunday, May 17
5:30 pm, North Stage

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