May 16, 2009


For those of you maybe a lil' out of the loop...the incredibly heartbreaking Magnolia Electric Co will be gracing the stage at Urban Lounge (21+) this Wednesday, May 20. As uber Magnolia fans and sponsors of this show we've got some free tickets to give away! Of course there is a catch...being the local music lovers that we are, we're going to use these free tix to spread some Band of Annuals love. These local dreamboats will be opening for Magnolia Electric Co - so if you want a pair of tickets you've gotta get down here and buy Band of Annuals latest full length, Let Me Live - only $10.99.

What's that you say? You already have a copy of Let Me Live? C'mon - weak excuse - we're talking 2 tickets to see Magnolia Electric Co plus a BOA CD for only $10.99, at the very least you can give the CD off as a great Father's Day gift, or a late Mother's Day gift. Have a friend that just graduated? Band of Annuals CD for a gift! Going on a road trip and staying on a pal's couch? Leave a Band of Annuals CD as a token of your thanks. I can't keep giving these ideas away folks, I got work to do that I'm trying to avoid by writing this wordy blog.

So you get the hint right? You have no excuse not to get here and buy Let Me Live for your free pair of tickets to see Magnolia Electric Co play at Urban Lounge (21+) on this Wednesday, May 20...DO IT!!

(PS: supplies are limited, so no tears if we're out by the time you get here)

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