May 18, 2009

Things you need to get this week

So Iron & Wine is releasing an album full of B-sides and rarities that feels more like brand new material than anything. Sure, if you're a die hard fan you've heard a few of these songs before (like "Such Great Heights", which earned it's fame as a Postal Service song) but for the most part this double CD and triple (!!!!!) LP will be new to you. Spanning from the sessions that spawned The Creek Drank the Cradle up to The Shepherd's Dog, Around the Well is a must have for Iron & Wine Fans and will actually make a great introduction piece for anyone who isn't yet familiar.

John Vanderslice is releasing Roman Names which is probably my favorite of his since 2004's Cellar Door. It's not really a departure from anything he's done, though the songwriting itself is far Superior to '07s Emerald City (which I enjoyed, but not what I was hoping for). Roman Names far exceeds any expectations and leaves me wanting more and more. It's a good thing he's playing two Utah shows next week! Velour on the 27Th and Kilby Court on the 28Th...see you there!

I am not a fan of remixes and usually don't by 12" singles for that reason alone, however, "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear deserves it's own piece of vinyl and should be heard now! Don't wait for the full length just to hear "Two Weeks" on your turntable, get this limited 12" now and play it over and over and over and over and over...

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