Jun 29, 2009


Just got the following lil' ditty in my inbox from Josh Ritter's management. If you've ever wanted to be in a successful band, well, here is your chance. Now if only I had kept up with my trumpet lessons more...

There's been too many times during past tours when we thought,
"Wouldn't it kick ass if we had some horns tonight?" Well, no more
just talking about it . We know there's a lot of talented musicians
out there.

We're looking for several horn players in each town to play with Josh
and the band during 2 or 3 songs at each show.


1. Must read music!
2. Must have a Myspace/Youtube/Website link to you playing your instrument.
3. Brass, saxes preferred...but we'd be down with violin, accordion, flute.
4. No singers - unless you are a legitimate opera singer.
5. Must be available for soundcheck on day of show

If you're interested, please send an email to Doug at
playwithjosh@gmail.com. Subject should be "HORNS FOR _______(concert
city)". Include your instrument played, credentials, links to see and
hear you play - plus your full name and phone number.

If you're what we're looking for, we will be in touch with a schedule
for the day, as well as the music to learn. On the day of the show,
you'll arrive early to play during soundcheck, and for the show...

Cool, right? Let's hear from ya!

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