Jun 27, 2009


**EDIT: for some reason this has me logged in as Vanessa. This is actually Anna. I just wanted to clarify that Vanessa and Chris don't dress up in couples costumes. And truly neither do Chris and I - but you know what I'm saying...

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but usually on Halloween you will find me attempting a lame costume at a random party. I'm probably in a corner and annoyed. Which means I'll soon be sneaking out and heading home to drink in peace and watch a non-Halloween movie or something. That's just my style...and Halloween just doesn't really do it for me.

What I'm getting at is that Halloween 2009 is going to be different. I'm already working on a J Mascis / Lou Barlow couples costume for Chris and I. That'd be rad right? ESPECIALLY SINCE DINOSAUR JR IS PLAYING THAT NIGHT AT URBAN LOUNGE ON HALLOWEEN!!! (As if you didn't see that coming right?) But seriously. Let's talk about this. Dinosaur Jr!! The new album rules my world!! I've never seen them live!! They are playing at Urban!! Aaaack. I'm just so super pumped for Halloween 2009...And you all should be too.

So here is the catch. This show is going to sell out CRAZY FAST. Seriously. Don't hestitate to jump on this show. We start selling tickets on this coming Monday, June 29 for $21 (cash only) at 11am. Our tickets are limited...we only have 50 to sell to be exact - and we won't be getting anymore. Please don't call and ask us to hold tickets. Just get to the bank, pull out some cash, and get to Slowtrain eeeearly next week to make sure you get tix for this bad-ass show. If you don't, the closest thing you come to J and Lou may be me and Chris in costume.

See you Monday!!

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Vanessa said...

Probably going to be the best Halloween ever.