Jun 3, 2009

Passion Pit and The Horrors

A lot of pretty great music has been coming out this summer, but nothing has worn down my repeat button quite as much as Passion Pit's "Manners" and The Horrors' "Primary Colours".
Dunno why, they don't really have much in common other than both being awesome.

Passion Pit's "Manners" though, is the perfect summer pop album: bright, exciting, and catchy as hell, with some crazy ass falsetto vocals. I can't get enough! (just ask Vanessa, who hasn't walked in the store while i'm working in a long time without hearing it playing overhead.)
Check out 'Sleepyhead', from the "chunk of change EP" AND "manners":

The Horrors' new album on the other hand is the opposite of a bright, summer album. These days, they rock some kind of gothic shoegaze with a bit of neu! and portishead thrown in (Geoff Barrow produced). The band's first album "Strange House" was an album that I appreciated, but never really loved. I felt it was a bit too overhyped, and only contained a couple of tracks that were REALLY great. This new album, however, is completely different. I can't even begin to express how much they've grown (and changed!) musically. I now officially <3 The Horrors.
This is the first single, the 8-minute epic "sea within a sea" (hint: stick around past the 4 minute mark):


Jon said...

The new Passion Pit is full of jams. "The Reeling" is my favorite, especially the Calvin Harris remix.

Kevin said...

Wow Ryan nice catch on The Horrors I will definitely be checking them out. I love all the new shoegaze permutations these days.