Jun 8, 2009


For those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you may know that I was "less than pleased" with Matador's announcement of a Sonic Youth "in-store" at the Apple store in NYC. Blurgh.

I mean really? The APPLE store? I know some of you didn't understand my frustration. The truth is, after asking for SY to play here at Slowtrain when they are in SLC for the Twilight Concert Series, I was copied on an email to Thurston himself (OMG) and told that "Sonic Youth doesn't do in-stores" - this coming from a record store owner who is friends with the band.

So with that back story in mind, I admit I was more sensitive to today's news about the Apple in-store. What about all the promotion and work we shop clerks put into promoting the Buy Early Get Now program? Sure we benefit from the buzz too, but our relationship with SY should be give and take. We scratch your back, you scratch ours - no? Maybe not, but us stores should get first pick when it comes to intimate performances like this. There should be no question about that.

So I spent much of today annoyed. Annoyed at Sonic Youth. Annoyed at Matador. Annoyed at innocent Tweeples and Facebook fans that didn't understand my frustration. And that is when Chris pointed me to the Matador blog where they announce a REAL Sonic Youth in-store at a REAL record store.

Whew, thank god. Sonic Youth and I can be friends again, mostly. I still think the Apple in-store is totally lame. But at least the Origami Vinyl record store event sounds way cooler...that counts for a lot.

Sonic Youth: I forgive you, mostly.

This news just came from City Weekly's Brian Staker and was new to me "Thurston Moore's Live From Soho CD last year was recorded at the Apple store & only available via iTunes-yeah disappointed me too" --- UGH! Thurston must really like his iPhone.

I should say that my annoyance should be taken with a grain of salt, I realize not everyone gets my sarcasm and sass. I ADORE SONIC YOUTH. Truly. And am just a lil' disappointed. But they still rule.

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landlocked said...

don't feel too bad - they turned down our entire city for a paying gig! hmph.