Jun 19, 2009


So last night we had to sleep with our window part way open and sometime right in the middle of REM this horrific yelping starts. In my dream it was a child screaming for help and I popped awake nervous it might be real. I soon found out it was, what I like to call, THE MOST OBNOXIOUS CAT IN THE WORLD!!!!

That's right. Chris and I were up aaaaall night because of this beast of a cat. My favorite quote of the night was Chris yelling "Is that cat giving birth or what?" - I have no idea if it gave birth last night. All I know is I am tired, and I hate that cat, and we quickly resolved the issue with the window so it will now close all the way so this hopefully won't happen again.

That said - I'm trying to gear myself up for a full night of activity. You should be doing the same, only I hope it is much easier for you since you probably didn't have THE MOST OBNOXIOUS CAT IN THE WORLD outside of your window all night.

But back to tonight. It is Gallery Stroll, which always provides a world of fun. But please remember that Slowtrain closes at 9pm - even on stroll nights.

If strolling ain't your thing, well, get yourself to Kilby Court for the Au Revoir Simone show.

Need some late night plans? Well, we'll be at the Woodshed for a dose of some good local music and I hear there's also a show at Nobrow - I'm sure the latter is early so you can probably hit up both spots if you're feeling ambitious.

That's all my fingers can stand to type at the moment. I need a latte and a nap. Stat.


bluebeardsbeard said...

Thanks so much for coming out to support we're petrified! and Joey Cougar Friday!

Anna said...

It was a blast!