Jul 11, 2009


Last night our hearts swelled with Utah pride. An amazing local publication, SLUG, put on an amazing local show at Urban Lounge - a venue that's incredibly supportive of Utah's music community.

We got to see Band of Annuals - a classic these days - play to a diverse crowd, showing their growth as a band isn't stopping anytime soon.

Will Sartain's super-group, Giant, showed off the wild array of talent that this lil' city has to offer.

David Williams saw the official release of his beautiful new record, Western Interior Seaway, after many months of prep.

Then the heartfelt surprise of the night: Band of Annuals and The Devil Whale - two successful local bands - announced they were releasing a surprise record for Glade Sowards, a huge musical influence on each band. Glade, not one for self-promotion or even slight pride, had no intentions of ever releasing his own music on CD. But now his beautiful songs are available to all music lovers thanks to some of his biggest fans, Band of Annuals and The Devil Whale.

Really it was a lovely night for music community. Where else is so lucky to have such a supportive group of artists working together for the greater good of local music and art?

Thanks to SLUG, Will S and Urban Lounge, David W, Band of Annuals, The Devil Whale, and Glade for a beautiful night.


Vanessa said...

It really was a lovely evening. There are some RAD people in Utah.

Dainon. said...

Oh, and FREE pizza. That went down nicely as well, on top of everything else. Talk about your perfect summer nights.