Jul 25, 2009


It may be past Pioneer Day - but we can all still write to the mayor and let him know how we feel for next year. Thanks to Ken for speaking out on our behalf!

Dear Salt Lake City and Mayor Becker,

As a small business in downtown Salt Lake City for fourteen years now, I've grown accustomed to the city shutting down my business one day a year due to the closure of 2nd East for the annual Days of '47 Parade. I said I'm grown accustomed to it but I don't like it. Being located on 2nd East means that we can not even access our business nor can our customers on the day of the parade.

Given the current economic depression, it's difficult to sacrifice even a day's sales for a parade that does nothing to help my business. But I really must protest to the city for shutting down all parking on 2nd East beginning at 8:00 am this morning, July 23rd. The parade does not begin for more than 24 hours, yet every parking meter on 2nd East has a NO PARKING sign affixed to it. What is the purpose of shutting down customer access to my business for an entire second day?

According to city regulations, it's against the law to begin camping or saving spots along the parade route until 8:00 this evening. Yet, since early this morning the parade goers are massing and camping out up and down Second East. Why are folks being allowed to camp on 2nd East, when it's clearly against the law, yet my customers can't park to patronize my business?

Given the weak economy and the ongoing economic depression I really don't appreciate the city going out of it's way to take away potential business by shutting down all of the parking today, and the entire street tomorrow. That's two days worth of sales that I can't make up.

Either start enforcing your own existing laws or quit making up inane new ones.


Ken Sanders

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