Jul 27, 2009


Sometimes I get really bummed out when awesome bands decide to skip over Salt Lake City on their tours (I'm talking to you Grizzly Bear), but then there are certain weeks, such as this one, that are jam packed with so many awesome shows that I get over my sadness and bask in the sound of the amazing bands that do make it to SLC.

This week is chock full of really great shows. It all starts today with the Bowerbirds, Megafaun and Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm playing at Kilby Court at 7 pm. Woo-hoo!

I'll be quite honest here when I say that I never really got into Bowerbirds' last album. It never really stuck with me. However, at first listen of their new album, Upper Air, I fell in love. I've had my "recommended by" sticker on it for the past few weeks (I just moved it to the new Wye Oak album this weekend) and have been recommending it to people left and right. Here is a lovely write-up Jamie Gadette did for them in City Weekly.

I can't say much about Megafaun, although through my creepy blog readings I've discovered that they are very highly endorsed by the one and only Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver, duh) who apparently has been close friends with the dudes for years. I mean, they have to be good if they are being praised by Justin Vernon, right? Well, I guess he could tell me to buy the new Marcy's Playground record and I would, but that's not the point. The point is to check 'em out.

I'm not sure much needs to be said about Paul Jacobsen and Co. here. These guys are just gooooooood. I remember seeing them for the first time last summer when I was working at Kilby and immediately being drawn to the band's beautifully crafted sound. If you guys haven't seen this local music gem perform before, don't miss them this time around.

So, I'll see you all tonight, right?

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