Jul 30, 2009


Well, unless you've been avoiding any sort of human or public interaction for the last six months, you probably know that Sonic Youth is playing the Twilight Concert Series tonight. I think we all know that it's going to be pretty crowded tonight, but fret not my friends! We have word from the SLC Arts Council telling us that they have re-arranged barricades for tonight's show in order to create more room and accomodate the crowd! Huzzah! Regardless, you should get there early, check out the opening act, Awesome Color, stop by the Slowtrain tent, say hi and theeeen get ready for Sonic Youth.

The fun doesn't end with Sonic Youth, though. Tonight after the Twilight Concert Series, head to Urban Lounge for Ted Dancin' and a performance by Tolchock Trio. It'll be the perfect ending to your Thursday night. If you're lucky (and if I drink enough), you might even get to see me make a fool of myself dancing...

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