Aug 18, 2009


Oh man, even I'm a lil' embarrassed about the title of my blog post up there. Oh well, though, I'm content being a self-proclaimed nerd. What is really important is that you are made aware of some news ala Downtown Farmers Market. This comes straight from the Downtown Alliance:

Eat more veggies. The Downtown Alliance presents the Downtown Farmers Market in Pioneer Park, Saturday mornings, 8 am-1 pm (June-October) and Tuesday evenings, 4-8 pm (August-October). 2009 marks the first season for the Tuesday evening Market, offering produce only during the most bountiful time of the year.

During the harvest season the Farmers Market will be abundant with berries, cucumbers, eggplant, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, melons, peppers, sweet corn, squash, pumpkin, cabbage, onions, green beans, potatoes and much more.

When: Saturdays, 8 am-1 pm and Tuesdays, 4-8 pm
Tickets: Free
Location: Historic Pioneer Park, 300 South 300 West
More information:

Tuesdays are now about more than new releases swing by Slowtrain for some music goodness - then head over to Pioneer Park for food goodness. Yum! Nourishment for the belly and soul...

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