Aug 21, 2009

Local Night This Coming Monday, featuring FURS

I thought I would take time to remind everyone that we still have Local Night every Monday night at Slowtrain. Local Night hasn't been terribly consistent the past few months because submissions have declined- so, if you're in a band or know someone who is I encourage you and your friends to apply here.

This coming Monday, August 24, Local Night is featuring Furs. If your into psychedelic rock with some serious drone and fuzzed out guitars, then you should definitely check them out. Not a fan of psych-rock? Well, my friends, after seeing this show I'm guessing you will be. Lead vocalist, Bryan Holbrook, probably has one of the most unique and truly beautiful voices in the SLC music scene. His pretty voice mixed with the dirty rock makes for a really interesting combination.

So, bring yourself and all your friends downtown Monday night and support these great local musicians! Bring some extra cash too, as they will be selling cds and t-shirts!

Monday, August 24th
7 pm

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