Aug 18, 2009


My playlist the last two weeks has pretty much been non-stop Okkervil River - with Lost Coastlines in HEAVY rotation. I can never listen to that song just once. I'd say, when it comes on, it probably plays 3 times in a row on average. Not bad, eh?

Needless to say, I am ridiculously PUMPED for the Okkervil River and Iron & Wine show at the Twilight Concert Series this Thursday. PUMPED! And I want to encourage all of you to venture out for this sure-to-be-amazing show at the Gallivan Center. I know everyone says "oh those shows are so crowded, blah blah blah" - to that I say: Get there early! and I also say: Seriously friends, they extended barricades ever since the Sonic Youth show and the crowd is still huge but totally manageable and fun and this is OKKERVIL RIVER AND IRON & WINE FOR FREE SUCKAS!!

Truly, I hope to see all of your shining faces there. And bring some monies...because we've already seen the box of Okkervil River merchandise we'll be peddling and it is pretty damn cool.

The stats:

Okkervil River and Iron & Wine
Thursday, August 20
7pm - Free
The Gallivan Ctr (State St and 200 S approx)

This song seriously gives me goosebumps every single time. Unreal.

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