Aug 12, 2009


This is an exciting and historical weekend for film in Salt Lake City- it's the weekend of the very first Salt Lake City Film Festival! So, if you're a film enthusiast or just itchin' to catch a new flick, make sure to catch a screening this weekend. The festival runs this Friday, August 14 through Sunday, August 16.

Here's a little excerpt from the SLCFF website:

"The Salt Lake City Film Festival has been in development for years. It became a reality when the festival directors, Chris Bradshaw and Matt Whittaker, decided to create an artistic outlet for local and international talent. Led by a creative team of artists and event coordinators, the Salt Lake City Film Festival was designed to provide exposure and commercial avenues for independent films. The Salt Lake City Film Festival will take place August 14th, 15th and 16th 2009. We invite you to come participate in the newest artistic event in Salt Lake City."

The film festival was also highlighted in this month's issue of SLUG! Check out the interview with Festival Co-Directors, Chris Bradshaw and Matt Whittaker, here.

I am personally looking forward to seeing "Hi My Name Is Ryan," which is a documentary about Ryan Avery- a musician who visited Slowtrain just last month and shared his wit and insight on life through song.

Also, after looking through the SLCFF's program, the film "Breaking Upwards" looks pretty amazing.

For information regarding movie screenings, dates and any thing else you'd like to know, check out the SLCFF website. Check out some movie trailers and head to Slowtrain for your tickets! Don't miss out on this exciting, new event!

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