Aug 19, 2009


Chances are you've heard about Health. If you read Pitchfork you know about Health. And now Health wants a chance to get to know you. Seriously. They want to invite you (or let's say, one lucky winner) out to their LA pad and they want to pamper you. Seriously.

Here's the scoop...

66 prize tickets handmade by HEALTH will be hidden in the first shipment of CDs. The ticket’s unique code will equal sundry prizes and merchandise from the band. One “Golden Ticket” earns a 3-night trip to LA, where the winner's every whim will be attended to. Details include accommodation at a band members homestead, as well as various meticulously planned activities culminating in a trip to Six Flags amusement park.

Other prizes include: Care packages from band members, silkscreened posters autographed in blood, a test-pressing of GET COLOR, LPs from the band's personal collection, gifts from HEALTH’s moms including hand-knitted scarfs and astrological consultations, personality tests, childhood photos, crank phone-calls to indie rockers and handmade mixtapes. And expect some personal, homemade-with-love "it's the thought that counts" prizes including locks-of-hair (band members and cats), chiildhood toys, fingerprints and magic tricks.

Crazy, right? Well, if you want in on the contest let us know so we can make sure we order enough Health to satisfy. Shoot us an email to - because there's a good chance we're the only shop SLC around offering this deal and you may have a pretty good chance of winning some loot.

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Vanessa said...

Um, this sounds really awesome. I wish that more bands would do things like this.